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We offer an assortment of falling film evaporator that are robustly constructed and widely demanded in chemical industry and effluent treatment plants. Due to the turbulence created inside the chamber, the system is proved to be suitable for heat sensitive, highly viscous and moderately scaling liquids. Our range of falling film evaporator includes falling film, rising film, forced circulation systems.

Our company is also engaged in the sphere of manufacturing and exporting a wide range of falling film that consists of shell and tube heat exchanger. It the system the liquid is distributed and fed to the inside of the tubes of the calandria and create a uniform film.


  • The falling film evaporator consists of shell and tube heat exchanger called as calendria that is mounted in vertical position.
  • The liquid is distributed and fed to the inside of the tubes of the calendria and create a uniform film
  • The steam in the jacket heats the tubes thus causing the liquid in the feed to evaporate
  • The vapor is separated from the liquid in a vapor separator and the concentrated liquid is collected at the bottom or transferred to the next stage
  • The falling film evaporator can be single effect or multiple effects depending on the capacity

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